Heroku – PostgreSQL Addon

I´ve already explained how to use “Heroku” in my Article “Heroku – Gratis SSL für Facebook Apps“, but Heroku offers a lot more with the Add-Ons. For example, “PostgreSQL” for – surprise, surprise – PostgreSQL databases. A wonderful alternative to MySQL, to store User data in a Facebook App (for example). Here´s a mini-tutorial:

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Robocopy – Backup in Windows

Searching for a Backup-Solution? “Robocopy” is all you need, at least if you are a Windows User. Since Windows Vista it´s already included and there is even a GUI (Graphical User Interface) called “Robocopy GUI“. For the daily/weekly Backup it´s easier to create a Batch file that you can call from the Desktop whenever you feel like it.

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QNAP NAS – USB Webcam with Motion Detection

A NAS is not only good for storing data and media, you can also use consumer-webcams per USB. And that´s all you need for video monitoring with motion detection. The tutorial is based on the QNAP TS-212 (the best there is), but it should be the same for all QNAP devices. In fact, it should work on pretty much every linux distribution.

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Heroku – Free SSL for Facebook Apps

For Facebook Canvas Apps and Page/Tab Apps, you need a server with SSL. You can either buy a server with a certificate, or you can use the “Heroku Cloud Application Platform“. Up to 5MB space are for free, should be enough for smaller Apps. Just be warned, Heroku is pretty slow, it can take a few seconds until the Page responds.

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