Building a Lazy Loader for React

I recently needed to create a Table/List that loads very fast. The main problem of the existing components for lazy loading is that they are not very flexible, children height must be constant and there is a lot of super-fancy (aka complicated) code involved. So i created a much easier one that just loads everything on scrolling – or autoloads everything on interval.

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Facebook PHP SDK 5.0 Tutorial

As a guy who prefers to use modern stuff like Node.js instead of crappy old PHP, I´m not really a fan of the Facebook PHP SDK. But sometimes you just need to use it – so here´s a basic tutorial for the current Facebook PHP SDK, they bumped it up a major version so i had to try it. It´s a bit weird that they call it “v4-5.0” though. I knew it would be a problem to use the tag “facebook-php-sdk-v4” on github…

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Raspberry Pi for N00bs – Compiling and Installing Node.js

Since i am a big fan of Node.js and wanted to use the latest version on my Raspberry, i´ll explain how to install it in this article. We´ll take the pro route this time and compile Node.js on our own, because we want the latest Node.js version and they are not very fast with the ARM builds. And because it´s cool.

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Raspberry Pi for N00bs – Minecraft Server

While the older Raspberry versions (A/B/B+) may not be up for the task, you can easily use the Raspberry 2 for a Minecraft server. At least 5 concurrent users are no problem at all, depending on your bandwidth. My Raspberry 2 did not use more than 300% CPU in a test, which is actually 75% – most of the time it was even below 200% (=50% on the Raspberry 2). It seems that Minecraft scales well over the 4 cores, at least with the version i am using.

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