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Raspberry Pi for N00bs – Minecraft Server

While the older Raspberry versions (A/B/B+) may not be up for the task, you can easily use the Raspberry 2 for a Minecraft server. At least 5 concurrent users are no problem at all, depending on your bandwidth. My Raspberry 2 did not use more than 300% CPU in a test, which is actually 75% – most of the time it was even below 200% (=50% on the Raspberry 2). It seems that Minecraft scales well over the 4 cores, at least with the version i am using.

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Raspberry Pi for N00bs – Scripting with Python

Although I prefer other languages, here´s a small tutorial to get you started with Python on your Raspberry Pi. The latest Rasbpian distribution already comes with Python so you don´t even need to install anything else. Actually, i even found 2 versions on my Raspberry, 2.7.3 when i just run “python” in the terminal and 3.2.3 with “python3”. Obviously, we will use python3 here.

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Raspberry Pi for N00bs – WLAN

So you already know how to connect to the LAN, but sometimes the Router is not right next to the Raspberry Pi and you need a wireless connection. Not every WLAN stick is compatible, check the compatibility list before you buy one. I am using a TP-LINK 150Mbps Nano, no additional driver needed and you almost don´t see it when it´s in the Rasbperry. With “ifconfig“, you can see if the WLAN stick is up and running with the correct driver:

Raspberry Pi - WLAN Configuration

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