Twitter Inbox Cleaner

The Twitter Inbox Cleaner is your easy way to clean up your Twitter inbox! It looks and works like the Twitter Friend Cleaner, but instead of non-following friends there is a list of all direct messages to delete (Sent and Received).

> Twitter Inbox Cleaner

16 thoughts on “Twitter Inbox Cleaner

  1. Andjela says:

    It works but my sent messages are in the inbox. The app has deleted only received messages. What to do with sent messages?

  2. Chiara says:

    How can i do to cancel sent and received DM even in the inbox of my followers? They say that just my inbox is cleaned, not theirs!

        • Derek says:

          True, I am thinking from a privacy standpoint. Maybe there was a falling out or some sort, etc. This is a great idea, just trying to see all it can do, I know some messages can seep through even when not following someone just because you have a DM from them.

          Mostly spam, though. Which has become ever more popular throughout this last year.

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