BabySlide Image Slider

Simpler Image Slider as jQuery Plugin. Actually, my very first jQuery Plugin 🙂



> Babyslide 1.0 incl. Beispielcode (includes jQuery und cat photos, totally worth it)


sliderwidth (default: 640)
Width of one Slide/Image.

sliderheight (default: 480)
Height of one Slide/Image.

arrowoffsethorizontal (default: 10)
Horizontal offset of the navigation arrows.

arrowoffsetvertical (default: 10)
Vertical offset of the navigation arrows.

showpreloader (default: true)
Show Preloader. Just switch to your own custom “ajax-loader.gif” if you´re not happy with it. The preloader will be visible in the bottom right corner and can be repositioned with CSS.

animspeed (default: 200)
Animation Speed of transition.

Example Code (JavaScript)

$(document).ready(function() {
	picArray = new Array();
	picArray.push(["slides/cat1.jpg", ""]);
	picArray.push(["slides/cat3.jpg", ""]);

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